Meeting Location: Madera Golf & Country Club 19297 Road 26, Madera, CA
Meeting Time: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 6:00pm

Local Madera Chapter of Lions International. We are community-minded citizens of Madera. Determined to help Madera grow, we leverage our manpower and resources to ensure support to small businesses, youth education/recreation, Veterans, and Maderians in difficult situations.

If you’re attending the Madera Fair, Pomegranate Festival, Relay For Life, high school football game or other Madera event (large or small), then stop by for our FAMOUS Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches!

If our logo looks familiar, then it’s probably because you’ve attended Madera’s Lion’s Town and Country Park! That’s right, we are the ones running the snack bars keeping the kids fed and hydrated!

Joining Lions International isn’t only for adults!! That’s right, Madera Evening Lions have made it possible for young adults as young as 9th grade to join!! 9th through 12th graders can join our LEO Lion Club, where they learn the fundamentals of leadership and what it takes to serve their communities. Are you a Maderian but also a college student? Then the Omega Lion club is the perfect fit for you! Made up of college-aged adults, the Omegas pride themselves on serving their community between hitting the books!

The Madera Evening Lions is more then a club, it’s a way of life! Contact us for more information:

Club President: maderaeveninglionspresident@gmail.com
Club Secretary: maderaeveninglionssecretary@gmail.com